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                    Gear Pump

                    The gear pump of Taiko Machinery is the first in the world. It adopts a one-point continuous contact arc gear, which eliminates the liquid closing phenomenon caused by the previous ordinary involute gears, and achieves low noise, low vibration, and long life. This type of volumetric liquid delivery pump is used for the delivery of lubricating oil, fuel, and chemical liquids.

                    Flow rate: 0.25?1500m3/h Maximum outlet pressure: ~1.6MPa

                    Centrifugal Pump

                    The centrifugal pump of Taiko Machinery uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor in the pump casing to transport liquid. In the past, it was called a water pump, but at Dako Machinery it is used in ships. Ship loading and unloading pumps, ship ballast pumps, clean water, sea water, oil, oil and other transfer pumps.

                    Flow rate:2.0?3800m3/h Maximum outlet pressure:?2.4MPa

                    Screw Pump

                    The three-screw pump of Taiko Machinery is composed of a main screw in the pump casing and two vertical screws driven by oil pressure. The rotation of the main screw achieves the purpose of liquid transmission. A positive displacement pump is suitable for high-pressure lubrication. Liquid transmission, can be used as boiler fuel injection pump, crosshead lubricating oil pump, etc.

                    Flow rate:1.0?750m3/h Maximum outlet pressure:?3.0MPa

                    Casting & Components

                    The company has an independent foundry workshop and resin sand production process. It is divided into two production methods: large manual molding and assembly line boxless semi-automatic molding. The main products are pumps, fans, valve bodies and bases. The materials are mainly HT200~ 300, QT400~600, etc.