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                    The company has an independent foundry workshop and resin sand production process, which is divided into two production methods: large manual moulding and assembly line boxless semi-automatic moulding. The main equipment of the foundry workshop includes 2 1 ton electric furnaces, 2 25T resin sand mixers, 1 One 12T resin sand sand mixer, one 4T aging treatment furnace, two shot blasting machines, and a reclaimed sand recovery system. The main testing equipment includes Shimadzu direct-reading spectrometer, CE meter, universal testing machine, CS analyzer, crystal phase microscope, etc. There is a special molding sand laboratory that can test various molding sand properties.

                    Main products: pumps, fans, valve bodies and bases. The main materials are HT200~300, QT400~600. Main customers: Japan Taiko Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Taiko Machinery Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhanghuang Machinery Co., Ltd. The company, Hyster (Qingdao) Pump Co., Ltd., Hirano Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shimizu Alloy Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shizuoka Iron Works, etc.

                    The maximum size of the casting product (2.5M×1.5M×1.2M), the maximum weight of the product is 2000Kg