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                    Social Welfare

                    Taiko Machinery (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the concept of social responsibility of "creating profits, contributing to the country, serving society, and protecting the environment", people-oriented, responsible for good, and dedicated to respect and responsibility. We are based on the national strategic needs, based on the regional resource layout, give full play to the industrial chain and integration advantages, highlight the quality and benefits of development, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, and promote the realization of sustainable development of the enterprise.

                    Safety is the lifeline

                    Always adhere to the three red line principles of "safety, environmental protection, and quality", and regard safety as the lifeline of enterprise development, and any business activities must adhere to the premise of "safety first".

                    Scientifically promoted the construction of "dual systems", improved the strict safety management system, and realized safety closed-loop management.

                    Environmental protection makes the future

                    Practicing the "green" concept, fully implementing VOC leak detection in all regions, upgrading the closed loading system and the oil and gas recovery system, improving the on-line detection system for characteristic pollutants at the plant boundary, and achieving up-to-standard emissions and ecological development.

                    Committed to building a scientific and standardized safety and environmental protection system with the characteristics of Taiko Machinery (Qingdao)

                    Introduce DuPont's safety management project, combined with the characteristics of Taiko Machinery (Qingdao), adapt measures to local conditions, step by step, systematically and scientifically move towards intrinsic safety, focusing on the guidance of safety awareness, the improvement of safety atmosphere, the integration of safety environment and safety skills Strengthen, concentrate on promoting the implementation of main responsibility, guide employees to consciously and actively participate in it, and create a good atmosphere of bottom-up, proactive and spontaneous "I want to be safe".